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LeAnn Rimes Updates Her Classics For 2014 Dance Floors, Stream 2 New Remixes Now!

I have a thing about LeAnn Rimes and dance music, they seem to fit together perfectly. After years of requesting a dance album from LeAnn Rimes via Twitter (see Tweets below), the country-POP star is about to let it DROP! Update:…Read more

First Listen: Ariana Grande Ft. Zedd – Break Free

Ariana Grande just premiered her new single “Break Free” (featuring Zedd) and if this LIVE version is anything to go off of, the studio version is about to slay your summer! Smash or smash? What do you think? Update: Added…Read more

POP Live: JAY Z Ft. Beyonce – Holy Grail (LIVE from On The Run Tour)

Um, Beyoncé just kicked JT to the curb for a stunning rendition of “Holy Grail” from the On The Run Tour. Watch the full performance below and check out the setlist and the tour opening in HD HERE. Are you…Read more

POP Cover: Florence + The Machine – Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover)

Yes this happened and yes it’s incredible. Watch Florence + The Machine cover Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” during a LIVE show somewhere on this planet. Can these two collaborate?

Big Fucking Tune: Chloe Howl – Disappointed

Chlöe Howl does everything but disappoint with her massive new single, “Disappointed”. This mammoth of a POP record is best described as the Sugababes meets Katy Perry, explosive melodies with strong lush vocals, “Disappointed” hits all the right spots. I’m rather excited about…Read more

Unplugged: Jetta delivers an incredible rendition of “Operators”

I think I’m obsessed with “Operators” by Jetta. The original is a POP triumph and this live rendition of the song is nothing short of stunning, Jetta is the real deal. Stream the acoustic masterpiece via YouTube and be sure to purchase the…Read more

Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence (LIVE Premiere) + Trailer + Brooklyn Baby Snippet

New footage of Lana performing the Ultraviolence title track has surfaced and wow, just wow. There’s also an Ultraviolence trailer + a snippet of “Brooklyn Baby” and as expected, this era is shaping up to be another flawless outing for Lana…Read more

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