POP Live: Mariah Carey Medley (American Idol)

Is there anyone more grand than Mariah Carey? If you look up diva in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’ll find her photo.

I loved everything about Carey’s Idol medley performance, the singer put the d-i-v-a in diva and here’s why:

  • Her vocals were absolutely flawless.
  • Her mic and stand were bedazzled as usual.
  • She performed surrounded by a gathering of fans with signs that praised her Godly presence.
  • She never moved the bottom half of her body more than an inch at a time, your fave could never.
  • She tells the crowd to “sing along if you know it… and if you don’t, TRY”. This called for a rewind on my end.
  • Finally, the monumental diva closes the medley out with “#Beautiful” and a signature screech followed by a shout out from Seacrest to Mariah Carey and her “dog”. This ladies and gentleman, is good television.

Watch below while I still try and figure out how anyone or anything is going to top this.


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