On a Sunday afternoon in Chicago a petite and vivacious POP star with a killer persona enters a small record store (borderline MUSIC) to prepare for an intimate performance as 70+ fans gathered outside awaiting this one of a kind experience. The POP star at hand here? NATALIA KILLS, an England born singer/songwriter who is ready to slay the world with her bizarre yet adventurous beats and infectious hooks that cling to the brain for days.

Kills released her debut album Perfectionist stateside last week and it’s everything you could hope for and more. Perfectionist delivers an exquisite grind of Hitchcock inspired edge of your seat POP records (Kill My Boyfriend, Love Is Suicide, Zombie) and shattered tales of love and love lost (Break You Hard, If I Was God, Broke). Natalia has unleashed a whirlwind of heavy gritty and thrilling productions that come together to weave a finely crafted and bloody solid debut, Kills shines! I can’t recommend this album enough, it’s truly a summer must have for your POP collection!

Natalia Kills graced the windy city with her presence for her opening night on the California Dreams Tour starring Katy Perry. The killingest POP star took the time during the day to perform and meet fans at borderline MUSIC, she was incredibly humble and so sweet, I absolutely adore her (view photo below)!

Watch 3 exclusive HD performances of Natalia Kills at borderline MUSIC below, performing her hits “Mirrors”, “Wonderland”, and the new single “Free” (excuse the tiny skip in “Free”, not sure what happened). As a bonus, listen to one of my favorite tracks from Perfectionist called “Broke” which is completely self explanatory by way of its clever lyrics.

If you weren’t familiar with Kills before, get comfortable because she’s about to slay Top 40 radio, enjoy!

Natalia Kills – Broke

[audio:http://poponandon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/11-Broke.mp3|titles=Natalia Kills – Broke]

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