Britney Spears Gets “Sexy, Sexy” As Reveals WILLPOWER Album Cover + Track Listing!

The star studded roster on the upcoming album Willpower makes for one of this years most anticipated releases! It’s like a Who’s Who of POP music, Guetta, Rihanna, Cheryl, JLo, and BRITNEY SPEARS! I don’t think this album could bomb if it wanted to…

Check out the track listing and album artwork below, are you excited for Willpower? The album is scheduled for release on October 15th, new Britney music coming REAL SOON!


01 Drop That (B.E.A.T.)
02 This Is Love” (featuring Eva Simons)
03 Fresh S**t
04 Run It Back (featuring Rihanna)
05 Clubs on Fire (Don’t Put It Out)
06 F**kin’ With Me?
07 Sexy Sexy (featuring Britney Spears)
08 Make It Last (featuring David Guetta)
09 One of Those Nights (featuring Chris Brown)
10 Reach for the Stars
11 Party Like an Animal (featuring Redfoo & Eva Simons)
12 Mona Lisa Smile (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
13 Willpower
14 Love Maker (featuring Ne-Yo)
15 Flyin’ (featuring Justin Bieber)
16 All at Once
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
17.T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) feat (Jennifer López & Mick Jagger)
18.Great Times
19.It (feat Cheryl)
20.Dirty Beat



08/23 Update: It has come to my attention that a collaboration with 2NE1 was announced that is not featured in this track listing. We will have to wait until an OFFICIAL announcement from Team is made for a finalized track listing.


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