Perfect POP: Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same

My my, there’s so much to say about Camila Cabello these days. Where I once was not a stan, I now stan. And it’s all thanks to the release of her mammoth POP record titled “Never Be The Same.”

Cabello scored major points with this release that takes us back to a time when POP songs were just that, POP songs. No electronic dance drops or gimmicky vocal chops to drill the record in our heads, just a good ol’ fashioned POP record. The entire song is an earworm, if the verses are gold (which they are) then the chorus is platinum.

While on the subject of how great this song is, Cabello is proving to be a bonafide POP star with her late night debut of the track on Fallon. A little goes a long way here for Cabello, she’s serving vocals and POP superstar theatrics!

Bonus: Check out the Kust remix of the single below. While we patiently wait for club mixes of the song, this version gives a slight synth-punch to the original that’s worth a listen.