Premiere: Charli XCX – Boys (J.A. Remix)

Charli XCX’s “Boys” is hands down one of the better POP songs of summer 2017, it’s perfectly crafted from its genius usage of the coin “power-up” sound to XCX’s brilliant topline melodies.

With my obsession for the song growing with every passing day, I sought out to find remixes of the track since at the time none were officially released but it’s worth mentioning Charli and team unleashed the Coldabank remix on September 1, listen to that via Spotify HERE. However, this magnificent remix I stumbled upon is a bootleg rework by a producer in the Dominican Republic who goes by J.A..

J.A. slows things down for XCX, noticeably reducing the tempo and while upon first listen it seems that’s all he did, it’s not until the drop hits that you’ll really understand the true brilliance of this beauty. I mean, this has me all up in my future-POP feels and I’m honestly so stoked to premiere it for you guys, hope you enjoy it!

If you really fancy the remix you can download it HERE.

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