Discover: Kelsy Karter – Out Of Drugs

Introducing Kelsy Karter, an emerging soulful POP vixen who you should definitely have on your radar.

Before I go any further, let’s just get the obvious Lana Del Rey comparison out of the way now, shall we? Insert Lana Del Rey comparison here. Ok, now let’s talk about Karter and this mother fucking bop she just delivered!

“Out Of Drugs” takes the sounds of Motown and coats them in lyrics suited for the┬ámodern day teenager. Singing “Will you still love me, when I’m all out of drugs,” it’s like the first time I heard Tove Lo’s “Habits.”┬áThe best part of this record is how organic it all actually feels, there’s nothing about it that seems like it’s trying too hard. I know we’re only one song in but Karter is on to something special here and I can’t wait to hear what else she has up her vintage tracksuit sleeves!

Stream “Out Of Drugs” below, are you a fan?

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