Premiere: LÉON – Think About You (Dave Edwards Remix)

I’m thrilled to bring you guys this remix as the latest POP On And ON Premiere.

LÉON’s “Think About You” is a true gem in original form, throw Dave Edwards into the mix and it becomes an explosive POP-radio hit!

Edwards works LÈON’S vocals atop a tropical-tinged sound, starting with a simple yet stellar intro that works itself into a driving production that keeps the record moving along whilst playing up all the songs gorgeous melodies. Once the hook hits, you’ll be losing your cool and bouncing along to this be it at the club or at your office desk.

Stream the premiere of Dave Edwards’ remix for LÉON’s “Think About You” below and get a free download HERE, you dig?

In other LÉON happenings, the emerging star has dropped her new single “Surround Me” and it has me shook. It’s like LÈON brings together everything we love about artists like Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse and fuses it into a fresh young soulful sound. This one is an absolute stunner!