Julia Michaels Releases New Single ‘Uh Huh’ + Hibell Remixes ‘Issues’!

It’s safe to say Julia Michaels is one of 2017’s breakout stars, after a wave of success penning hits for the likes of Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony and Britney Spears, Michaels stepped out into the spotlight with her Billboard Hot 100 hit “Issues,” peaking at #11 on the charts.

The singer/songwriter is following up the success of “Issues” with “Uh Huh,” sticking to her tried and true formula that less is more in production and allowing the topline melodies and vocals to carry the song. Like all-things Michaels, “Uh Huh” is a polished piece of earcandy with every single element of the record serving its purpose.

Take a listen to “Uh Huh” below, are you a fan?

Remix/produer Hibell shelled out a sleek and sexy remix of “Issues” that NEEDS to be on your summer party playlists so enjoy!