Perfect POP: Little Mix – Nobody Like You

I have to admit that I was pretty hesitant with my embrace for Little Mix’s Glory Days. Upon release, I gave it a quick listen and passed it off for standard run-of-the-mill POP music. Fast forward to April of 2017 and my emotions about this album have changed completely.

The UK outfit is actually doing POP in 2017 better than most of their chart-topping American counterparts. They’ve managed to fuse the trendy sounds of the post-EDM soundscape with major POP melodies and hooks, delivering a modern POP masterpiece with Glory Days. Let me put it this way, Fifth Harmony may have “Work From Home” but when it comes to a complete body of work, Little Mix takes the cake with Glory Days, by a landslide.

Not to compare apples to oranges but this is the nature of POP and if I had to place my bets on a current girl group, Little Mix may lack massive American appeal but their overall polish and sound is locking in legacy status. I’ve even heard from multiple sources that the girls outshine Ariana Grande on her own tour, as an opening act, Little Mix seemed to bring the main party to the Dangerous Woman Tour. Watch the girls’ live performance of “Touch” below and then YouTube some of Ariana’s performances… I think you’ll agree.

When it comes to girl groups and music in general, I’m a sucker for a ballad. One of the strongest tracks on Glory Days happens to be a POP ballad titled “Nobody Like You,” where the girls belt out lyrics like “I’ve tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true,” punching the listener in the gut as the all-too-relatable lyrics and infectious melodies hit the sweet spot. Everything about “Nobody Like You” is perfect; the vocals, lyrics, melodies, polish, it’s simple yet brilliant POP music.

Stream “Nobody Like You” via YouTube below and PLEASE listen to Glory Days in its entirety if you haven’t already.