X-Factor USA: Episodes 9 + 10

X-Factor USA: Episodes 9 + 10

And then they each had 6….

We visited the judges homes last week where 6 acts from each category had to perform in front of their selected mentor/judge. At this point  in the game, I have to say I have my favorites and think there is SO MUCH TALENT on this season. Britney stanning aside, the teen category is oozing with superstars as all three girls had me floored after their performances.

Below are my favorite performances from episodes 9 and 10 divided by those I enjoyed and those I want to win. Which ones are you rooting for?

Oh, and I’m still rooting for Jullian Jensen and I hope she makes it to the live rounds but I wasn’t thrilled with her performance from last week.


Diamond White – I love this girl, she’s just a typical teen but the moment the voice lets out she dives right into diva mode.

Beatrice Miller – Holy cow is she an old soul, at 13 she comes across as a mature artist. Her rendition of “Titanium” left me speechless.

Carly Rose Sonenclar – Carly’s delivery on “Brokenhearted” is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

Paige Thomas – She’s a Rihanna right out of the box, a total package that with a bit of work will be a true POP star!

CeCe Frey – Something about her is shining bright, she’s a CLASS A DIVA!

They Were Good, Deserve Attention But Not My Vote For The Win

LYLAS – A good performance of the Shontelle hit, mad vocals on some of these girls.

Playback – As Simon said, there is something entertaining about these guys. Lots of work needed but something is clicking.


Lyric 145 It’s the Black Eyed Peas meet TLC, they are ready to bang out some fresh and original party hits. This cover of “Party In The USA” is insane.

Just because… it’s X-Factor related through Britney!

Britney Spears takes fan behind the scenes of her photo shoot for Fantasy Twist!

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