X-Factor USA: Episodes 3 And 4

X-Factor USA: Episodes 3 And 4

I have to do a single post for episodes 3 and 4 as I wasn’t able to watch Wednesday nights episode until late Thursday night. Damn that front row Madonna experience, it was so worth it though y’all.

Check out my favorite highlights from episodes 3 and 4 below, some good talent and some amazing Britney moments! Oh, and is anyone else absolutely loving Demi Lovato?

This weeks best “Yes” or “No” from Britney: “Easy breezy YES.”


Episode 3

Goddess Britney Spears Sings Happy Birthday And It’s Everything

Meet CECE Frey – She needs to be in a girl group.

Meet Normani Hamilton – She needs to be in said girl group.

Meet Diamond White – She should be in the same girl group as the 2 above.

Hands Over Faceney – Didn’t care for these guys but watch for Britney!

Meet Jessica Espinoza – She could be a solo act, she’s so good!

Episode 4

Meet Willie Jones – Lose the hair and the country style cause he’s got “it”.

Meet Julia Bullock – This girl is awesome, could possibly be in a girl group.

And finally, the real reason to watch episode 4! Britney’s reaction to thunder…