Wynter Gordon: With The Music I Die EP release + “S&M” cover!

Today has been a long time coming for many POP music fans. It is the day that Beyonce releases 4 Wynter Gordon unleashes her With The Music I Die EP on us good ol’ American folk in the states!

The EP features some exciting POP songs and that ever so fantastic record ‘Still Getting Younger”, an extended play worth your money because you will be putting this on repeat mode!

Support Wynter and be sure to get the With The Music I Die EP by CLICKING HERE.


In other Wynter Gordon happenings, the girl has just “Celine Dion’ed”  Rihanna on “S&M”! I love the Rihanna version and I even love the Rihanna/Britney Spears take, but this is Wynter taking the track to another place.

Listen below via audio or watch her perform it LIVE and judge for yourself!

Wynter Gordon – S&M

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/SM-Acoustic-Rihanna-Cover.mp3|titles=Wynter Gordon – S&M (Acoustic) Rihanna Cover]