Wynter Gordon & Robbie Rivera hook up for SMASH!

I have to share this because it is without a doubt one of my favorite tracks of 2011 thus far.

Wynter Gordon teamed up with Robbie Rivera and together they have created something magical, POP music like this doesn’t come from some factory folks, this is straight from the heart! The whole song is like one giant hook filled with a shimmering dance beat that twinkles stardust throughout your ears until it’s over, at which point you hit repeat again.

“In The Morning” is taken from the Australian release of Wynter’s debut album With The Music I Die (out now). Be sure to pick up a copy if you can and if you live in the US support your girl and get With The Music I Die EP on iTunes June 28th. “In The Morning” isn’t featured on the EP but we can hope it will make the US album cut when it drops sometime this fall!

Wynter Gordon – In The Morning (Ft. Robbie Rivera)

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/10-In-The-Morning-Feat.-Robbie-Rivera.mp3|titles=Wynter Gordon – In The Morning (Feat. Robbie Rivera)]