Will Lady Gaga have “Nothing On (But The Radio)” for new single?

Will Lady Gaga have “Nothing On (But The Radio)” for new single?

Ever since Gaga announced a new single was due this fall, rumors have been running wild about what song we will be getting to kick off her new era. Well, it appears we have some “clues” and it looks like something old may become something new again.

While Gaga was signing autographs in Chicago this past week, a fan recorded a video of the chaos (watch here) and it turned out Gaga was playing a polished and cleaned up version of the fan favorite “Nothing On (But The Radio)” in her car, a leaked demo of the tune hit the net in October of 2010.

Then, a fan took to their Twitter and asked Gaga’s sound engineer Dave Russell to reveal the first letter of each word in the next Gaga single or album to which he simply replied “N O, ; )”. I mean that’s a winky emoticon people, is he hinting at “NOTHING ON”? Quite possibly…

Now to add my own clue to the first single mystery, I blogged the song on October 13, 2010, (click here to listen to it). Well if you clicked the link to listen, you’d notice the file can not be found. That’s because I was asked to remove the track from my site this past March. A demo nearly two years old and out of the blue I was asked to remove it, hmmm. Maybe it’s the lead single or maybe she’s just prepping it as an album track, either way something is up with the song.

Listen to the 2010 demo of “Nothing On (But The Radio)” via Soundcloud below and just sit and be patient until we hear official word on the first single from Mother Monster. I know it’s hard but something tells me it will be worth the wait.