Whips and chains EXCITE me! An “S&M” Post!

Riri is shooting the video for her upcoming SMASH single “S&M” and she’s leaking promo images and teaser videos left and right for the fans! It looks interesting but I can’t help and feel that every time she leaks those promo images and videos I get myself too excited only to let myself down in the end… her videos just don’t do it for me!

A slew of official remixes have surfaced as of late and I think it’s safe to say Rihanna is ready to top the club charts again since she went missing with her second single “What’s My Name”. Let us not forget she topped many charts with the track, just not the important gay one – Dance/Club Play! She’s actually sitting at number two currently on that chart as a featured guest with the David Guetta record “Who’s That Chick”. Anyway, listen to some official mixes of the track below. Which is your fave?

Rihanna – S&M (Sidney Samson Club Mix)


Rihanna – S&M (Joe Bermudez & Chico Club Mix)


Rihanna – S&M (Dave Aude Club Mix)