We wanna party like its 1995!

Dannii 95 Sessions

Once upon a time, Dannii Minogue recorded an album that never saw the light of day, UNTIL now!!!

“The 1995 Sessions” will be getting  released this November, and to top that, she’s also re-releasing her first 2 albums, Love & Kisses and Get Into You! Both re-releases will be packed with remixes, dubs, & bonus tracks, similar to the re-releases of “Neon Nights” & “Girl” last year!

Tracklisting for “The 1995 Sessions”

1. Free Your Love
2. Skin Deep
3. Love And Affection
4. I Got This Feeling
5. Let Love Into Your Life
6. Everlasting Night
7. Crazy For Your Love
8. Love In Me
9. Exclusively
10. Love Will Find A Way
11. Don’t Wanna Leave You Now.
12. Free Your Love (Bonus Track)