Video Premiere: Sia – Elastic Heart

Video Premiere: Sia – Elastic Heart

Sia has once again made Maddie Ziegler the center of attention with the video for her soon to be smash, “Elastic Heart”. Though this time around, Maddie is joined by Shia LeBeouf, who while rough, is still a babe… woof.

It’s like the sequel to 2014’s “Chandelier”, pink paint and all! A stunning performance from the young dancer and a wildly strong performance from Shia. Who is coming up with this shit? Sia’s done it again, y’all! Bravo.

Stream below and pray for remixes of this 2013 track that deserves to be a 2015 smash.

Update: I don’t know if this comment from a random YouTuber nailed it or not but it certainly makes sense. I guess that’s art for you… Sia, you’re a fucking beautiful soul!



Update #2: Sia directly confirms to me that the YouTuber was wrong.