Video Premiere: Nelly Furtado – Bucket List

Video Premiere: Nelly Furtado – Bucket List

I feel like Nelly Furtado has released a video for every single from this album and nothing is sticking with the mainstream and sadly, I don’t blame them.

I wanted to love The Spirit Indestructible so bad, I really did, but  I was left more than unimpressed. Does it have meaning? Sure. Does it have sincere artistic expression? Sure. But it doesn’t hold a single huge record, the closest we came this time around was “Parking Lot” in my opinion, and even that fizzled out faster than a high profile Taylor Swift relationship.

This is likely the last single form this album and while I think it’s good, it’s just that, don’t expect this to be a hit but it certainly would be delightful surprise.

What do you think of “Bucket List” or for that matter, The Spirit Indestructible as a whole?