Video Premiere: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Video Premiere: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Former Disney powerhouse Miley Cyrus does the absolute most in her new video and the POP star is getting loads of negative criticism for the visual from early first impressions, is it really too try hard or is she just, being Miley?

I get it, there are bits here and there and everywhere that feel a bit forced, the over the top attitude doesn’t quite seem authentic but let’s face it, this is Miley Cyrus. We’re dealing with a 20 year old global POP superstar who has spent the last 7 or so years of her life in the public spotlight, a feat that not even a 20 year old Britney could relate to. Once we throw away our preconceived notions of the real Miley and except this Miley for being the real Miley, the video seems a lot more Miley, doesn’t it?

At the tender age of 20, Miley’s just figuring things out and she’s doing it with the entire world watching her every move. Let her twerk the nights away and awkwardly grind her bed if that’s what she chooses to do because I have a feeling this is just touching the surface of what’s to come. Take it or leave it but whatever you do, remember this, only God can judge us so forget the haters cause somebody loves her.