Video Premiere: Girls Aloud – Something New

Video Premiere: Girls Aloud – Something New

The Girls of Aloud have made their come back in full force today as the video for their new single “Something New” has dropped in full! In what appears to be a hybrid lyric/regular music video assures us once again that these girls are innovators and will stop at nothing to lead the pack. No, in all seriousness though, the video is hot and the single and album artwork are even hotter.

Their new album Ten will consist of their greatest hits and 4 brand new songs. That’s outrageously amazing, one more new song than we’re getting on the Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits – Chapter 1 – once again, leading the pack.

Watch the hot new video below and check out the official album and single artwork along with track listing below, you dig?

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Something New – Official Video

Something New – Single Artwork

Ten – Album Artwork

Ten – Track Listing

  • 1. Something New
  •  2. The Promise
  • 3. The Loving Kind
  • 4. Untouchable
  • 5. Sexy! No No No…
  • 6. Call The Shots
  • 7. Can’t Speak French
  • 8. Something Kinda Ooooh
  • 9. Biology
  • 10. The Show
  • 11. Love Machine
  • 12. I’ll Stand By You
  • 13. Jump
  • 14. No Good Advice
  • 15. Sound Of The Underground
  • 16. On The Metro 
  • 17. Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me 
  • 18. Every Now And Then