Tribute Mix: Amy Winehouse – Back To Black


On Saturday, July 23 2011, the world said goodbye to an amazingly talented woman with an unfortunate and troubled soul. A sad day in music history as Amy Winehouse (27) was found dead at the scene in her London home, the singer finally lost her battle to all the demons that she carried.

Her sophomore album Back To Black received highly critical and commercial success all the while re-shaping and molding a different landscape for the future of music in 2006. Admittedly, I can not say I was the hugest fan but I can honestly say I hold a great deal of respect for Winehouse as an artist and the impact she has had in such little time. I wasn’t shocked since many could have seen this coming when you take a look at her troubled past which played out every step of the way in the media. I was however sincerely disturbed to learn of her passing, the untimely death left an unsettling and impossible feeling inside of me.

Like many, I was prompted to revisit Back To Black and scour the net for interviews and live performances. One interview (watch HERE) I came across in particular shook me to my core as Amy stated “My greatest fear is probably dying with no one knowing of any contribution i’d ever made to creative music”, a fear she needs not to worry of. That quote left me to create my own tribute to the late and great artist and I would like to share it with you.

Winehouse has cemented her impact in music history and will forever live on through the honest words and creative productions of her music. Thank you Amy, rest in peace.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (Tribute Megamix)