The Future Of Ke$ha In His Hands?

This is Wayne Coyne, frontman for The Flaming Lips (“Do You Realize”) who is now surprisingly attached to the new Ke$ha album. In the last week, Ke$ha and Wayne have been on the Twitter sharing all sorts of videos and pictures. From behind the scenes clips of making music to over the top pics of laying out the “blow”, and I’m totally not referencing her hit song here…..

Hey, if she says it’s crushed up TUMS then it’s crushed up TUMS! 

Check out the TwitVid below of Wayne playing with a music app on his iPhone.


There’s also this one of Wayne making music over a lyric….

(Pics linked to videos)

…and this one of a guy making the drum beat for Ke$ha which you will hear in the video below this one…

… and Ke$ha singing to a song using the drum beat made above with kind words from Mr. Coyne ….

… and there you have it. 

While the clips don’t give off too much, it’s enough to get me going. Are you looking forward to new music from Ke$ha and Wayne?

I think it will be a great way to showcase another side of the Jack drinking POP star without the Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco highlights but please don’t get me wrong , I’m hoping for at least 80% of the album to hold Luke/Blanco productions!