Britney Spears X Country Club Martini Crew Megamix
Remix Alert: Selena – Amor Prohibido (Kue Remix)
Premiere: Lorde vs Steve James – Ribs (Steve James Remix)
First Listen: Ofelia K – Bad Boys

Ofelia K’s “Bad Boys” is absolutely mesmerizing, I’m obsessed from the very first listen. Haunting, delicate and perfect in every way, “Bad Boys” is the only lullaby I need tonight. I’m floored by the tracks beauty, the topline and vocals…Read more

Discover: Wingtip – Eventually

Emerging Brooklyn (via San Francisco) producer Nick Perloff-Gile is Wingtip and he just dropped a delicious disco-chill cut for mass consumption. One listen to “Eventually” and you’ll be locked in the groove. Can we say wavey as fuck!? Enjoy the…Read more

First Listen: Moonlight Matters – Sweet Dreams Feat. I Am Harlequin

A cover of “Sweet Dreams”? How original… no, really though, Moonlight Matters and I Am Harlequin serve up a cover of the classic Eurythmics hit with a twist! Get lost in the gorgeous remake below via Soundcloud, you dig?

Cover: Gazzo – Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood Cover)

Very rarely can someone take on an original and make it their own, for the better. This is one of those rare times. Gazzo and Robbie Rosen jolt The Neighborhood’s “Sweater Weather” with an electrifying heartbeat, breathing incredible new life…Read more

Remix Alert + Download: The Chainsmokers & Tritonal Ft. Emily Warren – Until You Were Gone (Justin Caruso Remix)

The Chainsmokers, Tritonal and Emily Warren’s “Until You Were Gone” gets reworked by Justin Caruso into a dream-pop soundscape with just the right amount of trap flavor. Simply put, it’s a heavenly banger. One listen to Caruso’s take on “Until You Were Gone”…Read more

Discover: Andie Case – Coming Around

Andie Case brings the POP with “Coming Around,” a song that stirs up trendy production elements with a classic POP formula. It’s quite the chew of bubblegum-flavored POP, I’m stoked to her what else Andie Case has in store for…Read more

Discover: Bearson – Want You (feat. Cal)

Norwegian producer Bearson is making quite the wave with his original track featuring Cal titled “Want You.” There’s this amazing ’90s POP feel to it but with a modern house/dance twist, it feels so good to the ears. Get on board…Read more

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